Get Your Free eBook from Rylee Meek of Innovative Energy Solutions Edina

It’s not always easy to save energy. Sometimes we need a little help to do those things we all know we should to save energy.  Simple things like adding sealing drafty windows or fixing your seal on your fridge can save you money each month.

Now you can have your very own month by month reminder in this handy eBook from Rylee Meek of Innovative Energy Solutions Edina, MN. This helpful, free, ebook is a handy reference for those who are interested in saving money on their energy costs as well as helping to preserve the planet.

Innovative Energy Solutions by Rylee Meek is a handy, month by month guide for you to use year round. Each month offers handy tips to save energy in your home. The tips can be used any time of year but are season specific.

Click here to download your free copy of Innovative Energy Solutions by Rylee Meek. You won’t need to give your email address. Just click on the link to view the eBook.

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